For The Urgent Attention Of Sufferers Of Aches & Pains

How An Experienced Massage
Therapist On A Cruise Ship
Accidentally Restored Strength
Strength & Vitality To 108
Sufferers Of Aches & Pains...
  ...From Their Feet Upwards!

Jurassic Mud Foot Soaks

Sailing from Southampton it was our second day at sea. Destined for Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Lisbon and other beautiful Mediterranean hot spots.

As a massage therapist, with more than 23 years experience I was busy working away in my treatment room - but running late.

It was early afternoon, and standing at the spa reception was Cheryl, by now an extremely frustrated passenger.

Her back, her right hip and knee were in agony. She'd hardly slept a wink the previous night. She couldn't remember her last good night's sleep.

Her luggage was mislaid and her good painkillers were nowhere to be found.

And new her massage therapist was running late. It was like a red rag to a bull! And to make matters worse, she couldn't get a straight answer anywhere.

Cheryl demanded her treament right

there  and then....or someone was

going to get it from both barrels!

Up 'til now Cheryl had tried everything. Massage was the only thing that gave her ease from the bone-biting pain in her back, her knee and her hip. That and some strong painkillers which she tried to keep to a minimum.

Overhearing the commotion, her massage therapist excused himself from his treatment room and offered assistance.

However, having no obvious solution, he gathered 'ingredients' from the display table nearby.

He grabbed a large bowl and half-filled it with warm water added handfuls of the display ingredients - dried herbs, essential oils, a spoon of spa mud and some of the powdered mud preparation from the old stock cupboard.

Calmly approaching Cheryl with the bowl, he offered her a mud foot soak while she waited - and she agreed!

She popped her feet in and waited for her treatment. Less than 10 minutes later she was feeling some considerable ease and comfort. 


After soaking Cheryl decided to go for fresh air on open deck instead of having her treatment.

Cheryl had at least felt somewhat better, although was unlikely to return to the spa for her treatment.

First thing the next morning however, Cheryl was back - and refusing to speak to anyone, except 'her massage therapist'. 

Grabbing hold of his wrist, she said:

"What have you done to me?"

If you've ever felt like an elevator dropped you 20 floors in a second, you'll know what it felt like right there and then!

Before he could say a word, Cheryl blurted out:

"I've just slept through the night for the

first time in years, my hip didn't wake me,

my knee didn't wake me and I've already

been around the open deck this morning!

  I want another one of your mud

soaks things....and one for my friend too!"

Jurassic Mud Soakers

Shocked, stunned and not a little bit relieved, he quickly mixed the ingredients together, step by step, exactly as the day before.

Then with their mud soaks at their feet both ladies popped their feet in, sipped on a cup of tea and relished the view, as the ship glided smoothly into Monte Carlo.

The view was stunning and Cheryl remarked: "This wasn't in the brochure!"


The next day they soaked, then the next and the next.

Each day more people joined in. And after soaking they all went for a walk on the open deck together....and their improvements followed day after day.


Soon there were 7 people soaking, then 15, then 28 people arrived for their regular mud foot soaks.

Most, long suffering with stiff joints and aches & pains and tired, sluggish metabolism.....

...yet their their mobility visibly improving, their energy clearly returning and their bloatedness and poor digestion becoming a thing of the past.

The improvements being made were if they'd been given a second chance and were grabbing it with both hands and never letting go.

Each and every foot soaker was having their own adventure and more and more people wanted a part of it.

No-one ever missed a foot soak and some people even tried to sneak back for a second soak on the same day!

Cheryl left the ship feeling 10 years younger, in much better condition wearing the biggest smile that she'd ever had!

She was the hero of the mud foot soakers!


On the next cruise I got the bowls and basins out again.

The word began spreading from the previous cruise and within days 57 PEOPLE WERE SOAKING!

Turning up half an hour early, picking their exact place to sit, arranging tea to be delivered, friends soaking with friends and making new friends as they soaked.

There were stiff joints, sore shoulders, aches & pains, sore knees and poor circulation on display - and all showing considerable improvements and progress. In fact most of the benefits of a massage treatment - without the massage: 

  • Reducing or eliminating pain
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Improving circulation
  • Sleeping better
  • Increasing lymphatic drainage.
  • Reducing depression and anxiety
  • Reducing tension within muscles

Even poor metabolisms were kicking up a gear or two with the natural detoxification taking place. People with poor digestion were starting to feast on the fabulous food onboard they had never touched in years. Instead of piling on the pounds, people were loosing weight left right and centre.

The names mud foot bath and mud foot soaks were not good enough anymore!

The legions of mud foot soakers demanded something more exciting - something more adventurous to match their new status as the now famous mud foot soakers onboard.

After much deliberation and discussion, someone inadvertently said 'We're Stirring The Mud', and it stuck!

It was fast becoming clear that the feet were the doorways into the body in a far more powerful way than I ever imagined.

Climbing stairs again....standing for longer.....standing easier.....enjoying the glorious buffets..... sleeping better night after night.....getting up in the mornings easier....and enjopying their cruise like they never thought possible.

All the improvements led to more confidence and entheusiasm and the mud soaks quickly became the place to be!

There was a particular group within the group, that was about to reveal one of the most important parts of the process.

For 7 out of the 57 mud fot soakers their improvements were slow. With no obvious reason for it they were lagging behind everyone else.


I don't know if you've ever been completely flummoxed by something that just didn't work when it clearly should have - and for no clear reason for it.

Lets say you followed the recipe to the letter and did exactly what you did last time - and still, it just wouldn't work.

Well, thats exactly how it felt.

So I had every foot soaker fill out a questionnaire with 10 questions including: water intake, alcohol intake, exercise, rest, food, medications, etc.

Close inspection of the questionnaires produced an astonishing result.

And to say the outcome was obvious was an understatement, because everything started making perfect sense now.

I got ready to announce it, the greatest discovery yet that was about to see everyone improving faster, getting even stronger and sleeping better than ever before.

"The people 'walking after soaking' are

improving faster than those going for a

sleep in their cabins."

Weight Bearing Exercise after soaking was the difference.

After soaking they all left together for their walk around the open deck for just 10 - 12 minutes.

Nothing was getting their way - not the port lectures, bingo, art auction, cooking demos or any other entertainment taking place on board!

The improvements came thick and fast and even if someone wanted to put a stop to it, they wouldn't stand a chance.


Jurassic Mud Original & Finest 360g Jar

Some eagar mud soakers from the first cruise took the mud mix home and sent pictures to the ship and even their children and grandchildren with growing-pains, were joining in!

Kids Mud Soak                       Kids Mudsoak


The incredible thing about all this was that 3 months earlier I'd been doing 'spa-massage' on another ship in the Caribbean. I was living the dream on a fantastic ship sailing around the Caribbean.

However 'spa-massage' was a complete waste of my time. I could do so much more with the tools and experience. But that's what paid the bills.

Even though a few clients that would have their vacation on my ship just to have treatments with me, just doing 'spa massage' was grinding me down.

All I wanted was to complete a contract, having made a difference. To walk down the gangway after 8 months suitcases in tow - with the smile of satisfaction. Knowing I'd made a difference and used my skills in productive ways for aches and pains.

It wasn't a lot to ask I thought. I needed to change something.

I resigned and changed to another ship and began sailing from Southampton. In colder weather where aches and pains were common place, there would be a better use of my time. 

So sailing from Southampton on a different ship it was then!

It didn't take long, to discover that regardless of how many aches and pains people had here, they weren't having a massage - no way no how!

And I'd tried everything to promote my services, but to no avail. The following 3 months brought me to my knees.

So much so that by 3.30pm the day that Cheryl arrived, I'd already resigned, to debark at the end of the cruise.

So, on seeing her standing there,  morning after her first foot soak, waiting for me at reception, my first instinct was that she was unhappy with her treatment and that I'd done something wrong.

What an incredible transformation that began that fateful day!

Jurassic Mud Testimonial Linda


The abundance of minerals, trace minerals & their trace elements in the foot soak were simply doing their jobs in exciting new ways.

And anyone who's ever heard about these essential nutrient components will have heard how important they are for our bones, muscles, joints and every single structure in the human body. Even our internal organs have their own structural framework.

What you may not have heard is that these components working together to create the chemistry of life inside each and every cell of the body.

Yet as far back as 1936 the first implication of today mineral deficient foods was pointed out by Dr. Charles Northern M.D. when he made the outrageous statement that the answer to our health problems lies in our soils. He stated that: "The True Health Of A Nation Lies In The Condition Of It's Soils."


Industrial agriculture today is designed to produce abundant foods of uniform size and weight - not of quality.

There are no rewards for the production of high quality mineral rich fruits, vegetables, grains or meats.

So we receive only a portion of these foundational ingredients in our foods today.

And bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons are bearing the brunt of this.

Knees-hips-shoulders-feet-hands-lower backs-are currently being fed a fraction of the mineral, trace minerals & their trace elements compared with even 70 years ago.

Yet, the are The Bare Necessities of Life.

In the detailed 50 year study, THE COMPOSITION OF FOODS, a geologist, trained as a nutritionist discovered that from 1940 to 1991 vegetables had undergone very serious changes. 

He discovered that carrots had lost 75% of their Magnesium, 48% of their Calcium, 46% of their Iron and 75% of their Copper content.

The most serious and rapid depletion has occurred in the copper comtent of our tomatoes - only 10% remains. (Astonishingly, a serving beans on toast, in tomato sauce, qualifies as one of our 5-a-day!)


Lets take copper for example. You have a physiological need for copper. This element helps the body absorb iron and supplies oxygen to the brain.

It helps blood vessels and arteries remain elastic, helps brain and nerve fuction, provides energy and plays an important role in maintinaing a healthy immune system which keeps disease at bay.

Copper works with vitamin C to form elastin, a chief component in elastic fibres throughout the body.

Yet most soils today are quite short of copper. Consequently, most foods are short of copper. The result is that many people are short of copper in their body and eventually results in physical degeneration of one form or another.

Here is the startling evidence showing how much copper has become deficient in our soils and our foods since 1940.

Jurassic Mud minerals

(Even animals fed a diet nutritionally deficient in copper often exhibit anaemias, cardiac abnormalities, disc ruptures and poor collagen formation.)

Also in THE BRITISH FOOD JOURNAL(99:6,997), independent British researcher Anne-Marie Mayer accounts for a comparative study in her article "Historical changes in the mineral content of fruits and vegetables" , that compared the mineral contents of 20 vegetables and 20 fruits, harvested and analyzed in the 1930's and the 1980's respectively.

Another study evaluated the changes in food composition in the U.S.A. from 1950 to 1999. The decline in nutrient quantity in 43 crops was drastic.

Statistically significant reductions in the vegetables regarding contents of calcium, magnesium, copper, and potassium....and in the fruits regarding magnesium, iron, copper, and potassium.

The biggest change was copper content in fruit, which had decreased to less than 20 % of the old value.


We've lost more minerals from our soils and in turn food over the past 50 years than over the last 5,000. We're fast becoming the most mineral depleted people to have ever lived on planet earth.

It’s no wonder then, between 1991 and 2004 the incidence of diabetes in the U.K. rose by 65% in men and by 25% in women was expected to reach 3 people million by 2010.

Osteoporosis is now the cause of bone fractures in one third of women and one fifth of men over 50. (L.J. Melton et al. Bone density and fracture risk in men. Journal of bone mineral research, 1998, vol. 13, p:1915;)

True Food Pyramid

THE TRUE FOOD PYRAMID shows the bare minimum nutrients we need each and every day to maintain optimum health and mobility.

And at the base of the true food pyramid are our minerals,trace minerals & trace elements that build the deep structures that support us.

Strength in our bones and our entire structural framework is built upon tiny amounts of Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Silica, Boron, Calcium, Cobalt, Sulfur, Potassium, Tin, Phosphorus, Copper, Chromium, Selenium, Molybdenum - together with dozens and dozens more minerals, trace minerals & trace elements to build our deep collagen structures.

And these powerful collagen structures inside our bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and sinews reached evolutionary perfection way back in Jurassic times - and have hardly changed a jot since.

In fact Type 1 Collagen, properly built, has a tensile strength stronger than steel!

And this mineral-rich mix I'd been experimenting with was one of the main contents of the mud.

The issue however was not just the minerals, but their formulation and blend that I'd inadvertently put together that was delivering in a way that had never been seen before.

I tried to change the mix, several times, on the advice of an expert but reverted to the original and best formula I'd created.

Bio-chemists today have since explained the process in detail.


Meanwhile, 108 people were Stirring The Mud every day.

And often people would stay on and cruise back-to-back cruises, just to be part of the mud foot soaks. As a result, many foot soakers even lost weight during their cruise which was unheard of before.
Guests went on trips together to Pisa, Rome and Barcelona, far from where the ship docked and even on walking excursions marked 'high difficulty'!

 Jurassic Mud Testimonial Gina

They were having the time of their lives, making improvements they thought they'd never ever make

3 months later guests were back onboard cruising again, proudly telling their story, of how they had been on the first ‘Mud Cruise,’ still using their mud at home once or twice a week and still improving by:

  • driving for long distances without back pain
  • experiencing life with a lot more energy
  • easily standing for hours - without their old discomfort
  • swollen ankles disappearing
  • bowling better and gardening longer hours
  • walking farther and farther - without pain
  • sitting with virtually no restlessness in their legs anymore

In the last month I have noticed that I’m a lot more alert & full of energy. My nails are growing stronger & my heartburn and indigestion have disappeared & I’m able to work 12+ hours on my feet and still feel fresh as a daisy. I’m now starting to loose weight! Llinos Evans

Guests who went on a cruise and couldn't get it on another ship began telling stories about their mud adventures!

Soon my original goal of doing a contract that made good use of my time and experience had been reached.

After a firm handshake from the captain, I walked down the gangway 4 months after embarking.

Instead of doing 1500 meaningful treatments in an 8 month period - I'd surpassed that. In half that time I'd done nearly 6,000 foot soaks.

I began teaching the mud foot soak method to spa staff on all of the other vessels in the fleet.

Soon it was the most popular treatment for sufferers of aches and pains, poor metabolism and low energy across 5 cruise lines.

Jurassic Mud Soakers

However, for the sake of keeping the foot soaks going the way they they started and to find a way to make it even better, stronger and more effective, I left the company.

With the help of very some clever and dedicated bio-chemists and physicists, I set out to createa revolutionary product that would change the world.


The Jurassic World millions of years ago was simply Mother Earth's finest hour.

The planet had been coming along nicely when a nasty mass extinction event came along. The Triassic-Jurassic extinction planet earth to her knees profoundly effecting life on land and in the oceans.

The devastation was catastrophic. Entire species were wiped permanently from the record.

The surface of the planet was a decomposing steaming mess of rotting material. Oxygen in short supply, life was barely a flicker. And so it was to remain indefinately.

In the great composted mess on the surface of the planet however immense activity was taking place - rock digesting bacteria were separating the larger elements from the smaller ones.....microbes were dissolving the small trace elements who began releasing even smaller conponents of the rare of earth elements to combine with carbons, to interact with gasses, to compress, to interact and activate the scores of elements for the very fist time...until....

....all the incesssant activity unlocked The Great Formula for Life itself.

Minerals, trace minerals & their trace elements.....together in perfect harmony.....

.....Mother Nature's Original formula had been unlocked.

Soon planet earth began to stir and to come alive again.


Though not like before - not like anything that had ever come before.

She started becoming stronger, more resilient and even smarter than ever before.

New species never before existed grew at an incredible rate. Trees standing the width of a house filled forests that breathed out 4 and 5 time the density of oxygen that we have today.

The first anti-oxidants formed(Vitamin C) protecting the massive oxygen breathing cratures that roamed the earth.

And feeding off this incredible grenery, with up to 30 times the minerals, trace minerals and trace elements we have today, forged astonishing strength deep into the bones of the enormous inhabitants.

The Great Dying had become The Great Living and the most spectacular transformation in history....

...and Mother Earth proudly declaring:

"No, I will not go quietly into the Night!!"

Never again would Mother Earth be weakened or helpless.

Life on Earth was liberated.

This is Jurassic Mud....that primal power that stamped it mark on history and accessed today at unimaginable depths in three spectacular mines around the world.

As a result of frequent earthquakes millions of years ago, this material has only gathered strength due to the process of humification.



Jurassic Mud Original & Finest 240g Jar


Because these constituents where once involved in photosynthesis millions of years ago, they retain the latent energy potential stored inside their solar charged molecular structures.

They transform old energies (germanium) and even transmute elements from one into another(silica on calcium).

More importantly, however they rely on each other to reach their maximim potential and to activate the chemistry of life in every cell of the human body.

It is the ultimate 'holistic' healing.
Jurassic Mud Soak Aura Image

This energetic change shown using aura imaging photography displays the transformative power in one Jurassic Mud Foot Soak.

 Healers in need of recovery power get A MASSIVE BOOST to their natural healing abilities.

For people having regular physiotherapy or massage treatments - foot soaks adding serious energy to their recovery and in turn require less treatments.

For sufferers of muscular aches & pains the natural detox helps remove the lactic acid and soreness from deep inside the muscles.

For athletes in need of serious recovery ability to maintain peak performance and to heal deep structural injuries.

For sufferers of stiff joints and bone biting pain in need of serious overhaul to their support structure.

And best of all, it's completely natural with NO SIDE EFFECTS WHATSOEVER.
The only downside is that you have to soak your feet in it.
It's not perfect. Its a teaspoon of mud dissolved in a basin of warm water. If you can get over that part, then you're halfway to MAJOR IMPROVEMENT already.

Jurassic Mud Original and Finest 240g Jar



"If you haven't yet found the miraculous mud you need to try it for long term health. When I've used it I sleep like a baby, awake feeling alert and energised, think more clearly, have much more energy, even hair is getting much thicker! Thanks Aogan you've changed my life.........xx" Linda


Even today it is still not always clear what the entire role of certain minerals are independently, it is abundantly clear that when they are all present and most importantly - readily available even in the tiniest amounts - the body comes alive.

It is also certain that all living organisms require combinations of a wide variety of minerals, trace minerals & trace elements in order to enjoy sustained health and strength.
Jurassic Mud Research

Once extracted, the material is gently seperated from its own army of 'worker nutrients.'

This army of worker nutrients are the transport components who once hauled bucketfuls of minerals from the soil and stuffed them relentlessly into the roots systems of hungry plants, trees and ferns creating the prehistoric forest millions of years ago.

They are the unsung heroes of the health and wellbeing of every cell, in every single part of your body to this very day bringing life to living cells.

They are the difference between hoping and praying this works, and noticing the improvement in 1 - 3 Jurassic Mud Foot Soaks.

When these worker nutrients get to work in your foot soak they begin - carrying bucketfuls of nutrients into tired aching bodies  with the relentless fervour they did millions of years ago.

Incredibly, when they're done, they simply turn around and attach themselves to any toxin, chemical or waste, neutralize its charge and usher it gently from the body.

This bi-potential of detoxifying and re-mineralizing, combined with standing or walking after soaking is the key to continuous improvement. 


Combined with gentle exercise, such as walking or even standing after soaking, the remarkable effect on aches and pains becomes aparent - all over.

With the skin on the feet, the most absorbent part of the body,  the 2,500 sweat glands of the feet devour the secret blend of precious of minerals, trace minerals & trace elements in the specific and exact form your body thrives on.

*In fact, after applying 10 times the amount of mud to the rest of the body in a body wrap or a bath - NO BETTER OR FASTER RESULTS OCCURED.

It is better to deliver the one type of minerals your body is built on - STRAIGHT TO WHERE YOU NEED IT MOST - quickly, easily and luxuriously so you can feel the difference nearly immediately.

The foot soak requires less mud, works faster and easier than applying mud to your body. Pick your favourite program on T.V. ready your basin of water, add your mud, SIT AND SOAK FOR 30 MINUTES 3 OR MORE TIMES A WEEK.

For sufferers of aches & pains, a daily dose of poorly absorbed and incomplete mineral tablets, laced with binders and fillers, who end up competing with each other to get past the Metabolic-Gate-Keepers, waiting to pick the cream of the crop for themsleves and mercilessly tossing only the pitiful leftovers to bones and joints is not the answer.

Delivering the confidence and the strength with The Jurassic Foot Soak is the key to long lasting improvements, to put you on your feet again, with a spring in your step - right where you need it most.

My Mum suffers from severe arthritis in her back. Since using Jurassic Mud she been able to walk 3 miles a day(which she hasnt been able do for about 7 years), the pain in her knees has almost vanished, her doctor has commented on how good her blood pressure has been and she has not suffered one kidney infection this year!! For me and my mother mud has been a life changing discovery. Cora Scott


This incredible extraction, is gently and skillfully blended with organically grown plant extracts, organic herbs and plant medicines to express it's amazing power and incredible healing properties even further.

These following plants are carefully selected to maximise the strength and activity of Jurassic Mud, delivering it's pure prehistoric potency straight to your body:

Cedarwood has a soothing effect on the mind, Juniper used for conditions of excessive fluid and acidity, Horsetail to encourage connective tissue strength and, Elderflower extract - a tonic for painful joints and a very powerful anti-inflammatory.

I had tired and stressed feet and legs from standing long hours at work on the ship Ventura. After being educated by Aogan I soaked my feet and AMAZINGLY it does relieve my discomfort plus I feel rejuvenated - Edsel Roseus L. Villas , DMD Jurassic Mud Testimonial David


And after soaking, just share your used bowl of mud with your garden.

Putting the components back into the soil begins the whole process all over again. You'll never need fertilizer again.

Many people dilligently share their leftovers with their roses, trees, vegetables and even share a cupful with their house plants once a week.

With more and more care needed for the environment, jurassic mud lessens your carbon footprint liek nothing else on the planet.


Precautionary note: I want you to be absolutely sure that if you are someone who simply makes a purchase just to put it on the shelf and admire, then this is definitely not for you. The plain truth is Jurassic Mud is NOT for everyone. It requires putting your feet in a bowl of warm water and soaking for 45 minutes. If you don't have the time for that, then it's not for you.

If you are afraid of what people will think, then it's not for you either....and if you're not willing to stand up and walk around for 10 minutes after soaking your feet, then don't do it. To succeed, you've got to be the type of person that will actually take the time to fill a basin with warm water, pop your feet in it 3 or more times a week, then stand and walk for 10 minutes.

I know that sounds ridiculously obvious....but there ARE some people who have a graveyard of stuff on the 'special shelf' for their aches & pains and it just sits there.

This is NOT the kind of thing I expect to make you just feel a little better. It's the kind of thing that, when you actually go through with it and do it, ....can dramatically REDUCE YOUR DISCOMFORT, INCREASE YOUR MOBILITY AND STRENGTH.... without any side effects whatsoever and with just a little effort.
Jurassic Mud Original and Finest 240g Jar


If I take 10 times the amount of this supply of raw materials from mother earth, it will run dry in 100,000 years. However I won't be doing that or anywhere near that amount. My agreement is to take a small amount of the material and for it to be used in this manner. Literally hundreds of other companies have tried and failed to cajole, intimidate and bully the owner of this mine into selling this precious material for years.

He allows me and only me access to it simply because he likes what I do and how its used. This means that once my supply of prehistoric material begins to diminish a cut-off point will be reached where all stocks will be kept for my existing customers. It is only fair that as a customer, when you have purchased Jurassic Mud from me that you are still able to do so, should if you continue to need it.

So don't wait to buy your little pot of power - get started right now by clicking on the Buy Now button down below.

You'll fill in your name and address in the Paypal form with your credit card details. This is done on the Secure Paypal Server with the highest security knoiwn and most trusted and protected payment system online. It is the payment system that all other strive to emulate, such is it's degree of security and privacy. Even I, as a vendor have zero access to anything other than your name and address. The transaction is entirely between your bank and the payment company.




  • The Jelly Belly
  • The Mud Meditation
  • Your Secret Power
  • The Make A Wish Symbol
  • Billion Dollar Legs
  • The Simple Twist of Face
  • The Big Idea
  • Brain Wars

Gathered from the 4 corners of the world during 23 years as a massage therpaist I have used these powerful pressure points, anchient energized healing techniques, deep meditations and exercises to devastating effect for sufferers of all kinds of aches and pains in my own practice on my own clients.

They are your to use with your foot soaks, with my compliments. Remember with great power comes great responsibilty, so use then wisely.

Combine 2 or more of these tips at each foot soak sitting to increase the uptake of nutrients, target your specific areas and to direct the flow of repair and healing to exactly where you want and need it to go.

Using these techniques means the whole process of millions of years of evolution is at your beckon' call.

So as you decide to begin taking the necessary steps to take control of your mobility again naturally, to begin being your reliable dependable self once more, you'll soon realise the unlimited potential discover the truly unlimited benefits The Jurassic Mud Foot Soak has to offer.


A jar costs £37 plus p&p and that's a fair price for five weeks supply...that's under a pound a day to put you back in control of your life again.

Plus, if you're not happy for any reason I'll refund your money any time during the next ninety days, no questions asked. I'll take all the risk from you with this 100% money back guarantee right now. Jurassic Mud Foot Soaks can do more for your quality of life success than anything else I've ever seen in 23 years in this industry and I'd love to hear YOUR success story. Jurassic Mud Original and Finest 240g Jar


P.S. Remember, between 1991 and 2004 the incidence of diabetes in the U.K. rose by 65% in men and 25% for women and was expected to reach 3 million by 2010. Osteoporosis is now the cause of bone fractures in one third of women and one fifth of men over 50. Don't risk becoming a part of those shocking statistics.

I have been using the Jurassic Mud for 4 months now it has helped me no end. I am sleeping better, my ankles do not swell in the heat any more and it has also helped my bruises. I would recommend it to anyone. Janet Plumley
2 years ago I damaged my left knee and have also been suffering with not being able to sleep. At one point I was down to 1-1/2 hrs in 3 days and in pain when I walked and stood for any period of time. Then I was recommended the mud. I was skeptical - mud is going to do what for me! But I gave it a go and must say three times a week 40 minutes it has improved so much I can now go out for days without worrying and sleep like a baby. Sandra Lavender.
Mum’s been doing well with the mud. Legs are significantly lighter, the arthritic pain in her toes is eased significantly and she's able to walk on her whole foot not just her heels. Iain Welsh

Now I Want To Get Up In The Morning! My ankles are freer after a week and I am more perky. Normally I felt tired in the afternoons but since I started using Jurassic Mud foot soaks I haven't anymore. Wendy Davies

I can walk easier in the mornings and my ankles don't feel so swollen. Thanks Jurassic Mud! Deborah Darmody