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Welcome to Jurassic Mud. We create and craft the most powerful organic therapeutic muds in the whole world - to restore freedom, independence and real empowerment. For this, Jurassic Mudman goes to great lengths to locate the purest raw materials from deep in the bones of the earth. 

Blending these ingredients with organic plant medicines, herbs and modern essential oils is a painstaking but tremendously worthwhile process.


Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of creation, transformation or combination. One of Mother Nature's most magical processes is transforming elements in the earth into minerals, trace minerals & their trace elements - the bare necessities of life.

These substances are the foundational components of plants and the basis of our food chain. They build maintain and repair our bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, sinews, tendons and the entire structure of the human body. They supply the raw materials for up to 97% of all metabolic processes taking place in your body right now. The Simple Sit- Soak - Stand System of The Jurassic Mud Foot Soak is this alchemy in action.


The Jurassic Period itself was a time of epic transformation. After a second mass extinction event, Mother Earth with her last breath made the monumental effort of bringing all the minerals, trace minerals & their trace elements together for the very first time. New sequences, interactions and combinations of elements created life like never before. New species never before seen evolved as she became stronger, smarter and more adaptive like never before.

The Jurassic World still to this day represents was the greatest comeback in the history of life on earth. Trees stood the width of a house and reached for the sky, ferns reached up to 1metre in diameter and crisp clean oxygen poured relentlessly into the atmosphere like never before.

Please enjoy this website and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Peace & Mud
Jurassic MudMan

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